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The Romantic Violin and Organ
Geir Inge Lotsberg, violin

Kåre Nordstoga, organ

Recording from Oslo Cathedral, January 2013.
Works by: Olsson, Svendsen, Reger, Sibelius, Saint-Saens, Alain, Sandvold, Egge, Irgens Jensen and Bach.

Digital release: June 16, 2013.

Cd-release: June 28. 2013.

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Fiolin, orgel, stemning. Østlendingen
Rik musikkopplevelse, Smaalenene
Intervju i Vårt Land. JPG-facsimile
Klassisk Musikkmagasin. JPG-facsimile


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October 2 & 3 Tosca at Kilden in Kristiansand, OSQ-members.
September 21 Concert in Molde and Isfjorden with Ole J. Kosberg.
September 19 Soloist with Kr.sund Sinfonietta
September 18 Soloist with Kr.sund Sinfonietta
May 10 Oslo Grieg Festival with Kåre Nordstoga in Oslo Cathedral
May 7 Recital in Tønsberg with Ole J. Kosberg
April 26 Leading the Trondheim Soloists in Leer, Germany
April 25 Leading the Trondheim Soloists in Trondheim
April 9 Oslo with pianist Love Derwinger and members of OSQ
April 6 Linköping, Sweden with pianist Love Derwinger and members of OSQ
March 23 Vordingborg in Denmark with the OSQ
March 13-15 Vinterfestspill i Bergstaden at Røros with the OSQ
March 7 Oslo String Quartet at Finnskogen
February 26 Oslo String Quartet in Trondheim
February 25 Oslo String Quartet in Oslo
February 15 Oslo String Quartet in Arendal
February 14 Oslo String Quartet in Kristiansand
February 12 Oslo String Quartet in Asker
February 2 Seminarconcert at Lillehammer with stringplayers
January 26 Recital with Vebjørn Anvik at Elverum (later 2014)
January 25 Recital with Vebjørn Anvik at Kongsvinger (later 2014)
January 18 Recital with Vebjørn Anvik at Brumunddal
January 17 Recital with Vebjørn Anvik at Hamar